Bill contacted me a while ago to take photos of himself to update his portfolio and LinkedIn profiles, so we met at Bill and Meta’s home in Hyde Park to take some corporate styled portraits… and I couldn’t resist including some couple photos too!

Bill had been referred to me by Bryony Liber. You may remember some of the branding photos I’d taken of her a few weeks ago to update her website and social media profiles.

Their house was just perfect for the photos. The light was so incredible that afternoon and worked perfectly with the space so extra lights weren’t needed at all.

In Covid times, the trend in social media profiles is to be more natural so this space really worked. In fact, a lot of people are changing their LinkedIn profile photos to show where they work as it helps show how agile they are and that they can work from home or in a corporate environment. I actually love this trend of being more real in corporate portraits. Because B works in London too, I knew that we needed more traditional corporate shots and not just natural work-from-home photos.

Before I start taking photos I do ask you where you’re going to be using the photos and whether they’ll also be used for media. I also ask you what industry you’re working in, and how you generally work during the day. That gives me a good idea about portrait vs landscape and what backdrops in your environment should be used. Because I work in social media in a corporate global financial services company in my day job, I understand the nuance’s in the markets and what would be needed on the various platforms.

Because we did the shoot at their home, we could incorporate a few changes of clothes.

M's corporate portraits for LinkedIn
B's Corporate portraits for LinkedIn at home

I can’t wait to see which photos are chosen for the various social media sites!

Once the individual portraits were done, we have some fun with a few couple photos in their lounge and gorgeous garden.

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