This was a fun shoot! Briony wanted new branding portraits of herself to use in social media and on her website.

We did the shoot at her home because she’s based from the house, and it makes sense in terms of the way she’s working now. I actually think most people should reconsider their corporate style LinkedIn photos now so that they reflect the way that we now work. I mean, most people work primarily from home now so it makes sense that your LinkedIn photos reflect that lifestyle.

Before we started the shoot, we chatted about what the photos would be used for and that guided how I took the shots.

The photos needed to be used for banners and she wanted space around her, so not a lot of cropped images were required. The important thing was to reflect the way she works and to include some with her dogs as they are very much a part of her life.

I was only too pleased to use the gorgeous garden and house as a backdrop!