I met Tracie and her extended family at the Modderfontein Reserve last weekend for a farewell photoshoot for her brother.

Gosh, we sure did time it well!

Tracie’s brother was emigrating the very next day and you know how much rain we had last weekend! We had actually postponed the shoot by a few weeks because the original date was completely rained out. I really wasn’t happy on Sunday morning when it looks like the drizzly weather was set to stay for the day, but thankfully it kinda cleared up.

It was overcast, which was perfect for the shoot because it allowed me to use parts of the reserve that would have been impossible to use in sunshine. The cloud cover made the light so gentle. It was perfect!

And then the rain started again as I hit the highway to get home! It was absolutely perfect timing!

How gorgeous is this little grove of wild flowers (aka weeds) that I found?! I really don’t know the reserve very well, so I got there 20 minutes before the family arrived to scope it out.

How cool is this bit of veld and a dirt track? I thought it was perfect for photos that would evoke memories of the African bush.

And then we ended at the dam, which was perfectly empty because of the grotty weather. It was absolutely perfect and such a fun afternoon.

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