I met Barbara and her family for a 75th birthday portrait shoot over the weekend. We met up in the beautiful Walter Sisulu gardens.

Walter Sisulu gardens is always beautiful, and thankfully the picnic areas were pretty quiet on Sunday afternoon. I thought that was pretty unusual, but I’m assuming winter has scared everyone away. The grass was still pretty green and the trees still had leaves too… I’m sure in a month it’ll look like proper winter. The gorgeous orange flowers in the aloe gardens looked amazing too… although I was a little disappointed that “my” favourite massive aloes seem to have been cut down. They would have been a perfect backdrop for some of these photos.

We started the shoot in the geological garden, after spotting that the bushes were really stunning. We then headed for a bench that I’ve used before at this time of the year… because I remembered that the yellow daisies should be in bloom and knew that would be a gorgeous backdrop.

It was really very unusual to be able to use this section of the park on a Sunday afternoon without hordes of people around us. It was almost like a weekday afternoon in the park. Not that I’m complaining! I loved being able to use my favourite sections without worrying about photobombing picnickers.

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