I met the gorgeous smiley 4 month old Graham late on Tuesday afternoon for a portrait shoot with his parents.

The family are on holiday from the USA to introduce Graham to the rest of their family. I’ve just had to delete my sentence saying it was the first time I’d done a portrait shoot in an AirBNB, because I realised I’ve done a few shoots in AirBNBs. Oops! Anyway, this AirBNB was a stunning townhouse in Lonehill with a lovely communal space outside next to the complex road that was perfect for portraits in the afternoon light.

Graham really was so very chilled. His latest thing is to smile with a very open mouth which is so very cute.

He enjoyed being outside, and even let me lie him down on the grass without a blanket! That’s pretty unusual for shoots with babies in my books.

As for the Tuesday shoot business, if the shoot is late enough and I don’t have plans at work or the kids or my running I am able to do weekday shoots. Just ask 😉

Haha this one makes me smile… Graham’s expression is priceless while he parents have a sweet little moment.

It’s not a baby photo shoot if there aren’t photos of baby toes 😉

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