I was thrilled when Vanessa contacted me a few weeks ago on Instagram to take photos of her family. She’d spotted some of the photos I’d taken for my sister and wanted a family portrait shoot in the gorgeous cosmos flowers.

If you’re an avid follower of my photography, you’d have noticed that I do family photo shoots in the field of cosmos flowers at Delta Park every year. You’re kind of at the mercy of nature when booking these shoots as you never quite know what the flower season is going to look like.

Well, this year is definitely not as fabulous as last year. Thankfully this is my last weekend of cosmos shoots that I’ve booked because I reckon there’ll be no flowers by next weekend! So different to last year, probably because of the lack of rain.

I decided to start the shoot in the green grass area under the trees that haven’t quite turned yellow yet.

8 month old Nandi was really not keen to sit on the prickly grass, so I got some really funny shots of her lifting her legs up and pulling funny faces. Too sweet 🙂

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