Carmen’s maternity photo shoot was organised this week and we set the time very early on Saturday morning. It was very odd getting up in the dark for a photo shoot instead of a run!

We met at a side entrance at Delta Park to miss most of the park run traffic and so that we were close to the lane of trees that I’d planned on using.

The light was absolutely gorgeous! I really need to do that again. It didn’t feel like Delta Park. It was so very quiet and still with a few runners, walkers and cyclists when we started.

The lane was interesting though. I probably should have started there, instead of ending the shoot there. The cyclists came barreling down that path and we really didn’t have much time to move out of the way. It’s just a little stressful making sure your 36 week pregnant friend moves fast!

As you can see there were remnants of the cosmos flowers in the veld too. Just enough for a few photos!

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