Sherif and Leanne got married yesterday in a beautiful intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by close family.

Their wedding with only 8 guests took place at Ascot Mews in Alberton on a deck in the middle of a pond.

Small intimate weddings are so special. I suppose this wedding was even more special to me because I’ve know Leanne’s mom for very many years, and I’ve taken a lot of photos of the family over the years too. In fact, I had to walk away during the ceremony to have a bit of a moment before I joined them again.

Leanne and Sherif met in Dubai and they’ve been planning their special day for ages. They’re just in South Africa for their wedding, and then they’ll be going back home to Dubai.

The decor was 100% done by the family. I absolutely LOVED the table setting. I also loved the adding of Egyptian eyes in a few places, and the water lilies on the pond… a reference to Sherif’s family in Eqypt.

Maureen and her friend made all the mosaic elements on this globe which was at the end of the pond.

There’s a story behind these minis. Leanne’s first car was a mini, and Maureen organised the minis as a surprise for her. In fact, the guy who used to service her mini organised the cars. Instead of just one, there were 6 that drove everyone in style to the ceremony! Just wish I’d been able to take a photo of all 6 of them together.

Maureen, Rocky and Lida walked Leanne down the aisle… how very special!

It was such a privilege to be there. Thanks so much for allowing me to take photos of a tiny part of your story.

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