I met Nico and Danielle this afternoon in Bryanston for a photoshoot. This wedding proposal in a forest was a complete surprise for Danielle!

It was so awesome, and also so cold and so very wet! The rain started this afternoon at about 2pm and I sighed, wondering whether Nico would move the date of the shoot. A wedding proposal is not an easy thing to move if family are expecting it to happen, so I was pretty pleased when he decided to go ahead despite the weather.

It was raining pretty hard when I drove on the highway to get to the forest, and they actually stopped at a shop on the way to buy an umbrella!

Thankfully the trees softened most of the rain, so we actually hardly felt it while we were shooting. And in fact, just after Nico popped the question the sun tried really hard to peep through the heavy clouds.

You see, Nico has got a contract to play rugby in Italy for a year so he couldn’t move the shoot! He’s moving to Italy in a few weeks time. I didn’t even know that until I chatted to them after the photos. I really need to change my forms so that I know more of the story before I do the shoot!

Danielle and Nico have been seeing each other for 6 years, and Danielle was over the moon when he asked her the question.

The whole vibe of the shoot changed after they got engaged, and I’m so glad we’d left enough time to capture that properly.

This was the first couple photoshoot that they’d ever done. They were such naturals with the camera and I loved taking their photos.

It really is so special that I get to take photos like this.  Being a part of such an important day is such an honour.

Haha you can see the rain drops in some of these photos!

This one also has the raindrops!