Grace had her 2nd birthday family party at home in Kempton Park last week. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I had so much fun taking photos of the family in the garden.

Grace wasn’t too sure about this strange lady with the camera but she soon laughed and had a ball when she realised that this could be fun. I mean, what kid wouldn’t enjoy trampolining, swinging and playing with their pet bunnies!

She’s a gorgeous little girl who sings like a dream already. I was amazed at how many songs she knew and how eloquent she was.

It was really awesome to spend the time with this family again. You may recognise Grace’s brother from previous shoots I’ve done for his birthday.

I just love this little finger… think she’ll be telling her brother a few things in future 🙂

We did have to sing happy birthday 3 times and blow out candles that many times too… that was super fun!

And then everyone played “monkeys on the bed” on the trampoline with the most gorgeous masks.

I do actually have a shot with everyone looking at me, but I prefer the chaotic on with the dogs. This was such a fun afternoon.

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