I was so thrilled when Kim asked me to take photos of her and Brett to celebrate their wedding anniversary. After a few discussions over WhatsApp and in-person after one of our runs in the Cradle of Humankind, we decided to do the couple shoot on Melville Koppies.

I’d seen that Melville Koppies had re-opened with the rest of the parks in Joburg, but I went the afternoon before the shoot to check whether the little gate I use was open. Thankfully it was, so we were set!

We did the shoot a week ago and the weather was absolutely perfect for it. The wind was blowing a gale when I did a test shoot there with my son to check the light and the time, but was beautifully still for the shoot.

It’s a really special place for a shoot. Where else can you find gorgeous rocks, veld and a skyline in the middle of Joburg?

I knew I had to try and incorporate these trees in the shoot when I went there for the trial run. The leaves were so golden in the late afternoon light when you stood and just the right spot. I have no idea what this tree is, but it really is magnificent.

The koppies were really the perfect spot for them, as they love the bush and the city… it was the perfect match for them.