It’s so awesome to finally be able to do photo shoots at home, and this was very special. Anri is a little lockdown baby and was 9 days old when I did her newborn shoot with her big sister at their home in Parktown North.

Taking photos with a mask in someone’s home takes some doing actually. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. The mask steams up the viewfinder on my Canon so I end up holding my breath to take the shot! I’m eventually quite out of breath!

Anyway, Anri was napping when I got to their house so I started the shoot taking a few photos of big sister Nina. That ended up being the best thing ever, because she was so relaxed around me and my camera by the time we needed her to sit with the family for some photos.

I thought the placement of this big blackboard in the lounge was very clever actually. It’s the perfect foil in front of a potential danger.

Anri was wide awake when we started the shoot.

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