Hayley wanted to document her family’s life in lockdown, and you know how much I love taking more documentary-styled photos so this session made my heart very happy. During Level 5, I took daily photos of my family life so I think documenting this strange time is very cool.

I spent a few hours with the family at their home in Sandton on a Friday afternoon. Hayley wanted to document the things that they spent most of their time doing, and also some things they loved doing as a family.

These photos are only showing a snippet of what we actually documented, but they give you a good overview of the afternoon. We went from zoom ballet classes, to soccer in the garden, to online chess, to reading books, playing dress-up, netball, walking the dog, making challah, online meetings to movie and coffee dates in the kitchen. It was jam packed with activities and I think accurately reflects the busy-ness of the family trying to keep everyone entertained in this strange time.

I’ve taken photos of this family a few times over the years, and it was so awesome to see them again.

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