Mikael turned one year old and he had his Cookie Monster themed party at Little Oaks Party Venue in Krugersdorp last weekend.

What a stunning venue! You’re greeted by about 6 donkeys as you walk in because they just want to get at the gorgeous green grass in the middle of the play area. Thankfully they’re really gentle when you get to the gate and you can just move them away.

The play area is amazing! My kids would have LOVED it when they were young. There are black bikes galore, kids shopping trolleys, balls and loads of play houses with various themes to keep them occupied.

Bianca and her friends did an incredible job with the cake and food tables. That cake was incredible, and the food table was laden with gorgeous goodies. I loved the cupcakes with the cookies in their mouths and the platters of fruit for the kids that had the fruit in shapes.

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