It was Joan’s birthday on Monday and I met her family in the park last weekend to commemorate it with a family photoshoot.

It was awesome seeing Nozizwe’s little family again and meeting the rest of the clan.

Delta Park is looking really good now that it’s rained a bit and the forest areas were just perfect for the shoot.

Talalika was in her element in front of the camera and loved seeing the photos at the back of my camera while I was busy. Her baby sister however, wasn’t very sure about the prickly grass on her legs. Sitting babies are always so funny to watch on grass, I’m never too sure what they’re going to do. Thankfully mom had packed a kitenge cloth for them to sit on if they needed it.

Here are some of the photos from their session. I also managed to get single portraits for each person, including LinkedIn style portraits to update their profiles.

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