I tend to do a lot of big family photo shoots at the end of the year, and I absolutely love it! This week’s big family photo shoot was at Delta Park between two crazy rainstorms.

We really didn’t have any time to move the shoot to another day, because of all the travel arrangements with various family members… but it was really important to get this done.

I wasn’t very happy when the clouds started building on Friday afternoon, knowing that this shoot couldn’t be moved. But I put my trust in my little weather app, and thankfully it was right! The app said there’d be rain over Johannesburg at 3pm and that it would be sunny at 4… and the shoot was due to start at 3:30pm.

I left my house just after the hail stopped, and drove through flooded roads to the park, hoping that it would clear. We waited in the car park for 20 minutes and then started the photoshoot as soon as we could!

It was perfect! The trees and grass were bright green after the storm, and the sky was still black over the forest. This meant that the light was absolutely beautiful!

I had planned on a few shots with the families sitting in the long veld, but we scrapped that idea because it was too wet. Other than that it was absolutely perfect. We headed for my favourite steps in the park right at the end of the shoot just to give it time to dry out and we timed that perfectly too.

And then guess what? It started pouring on my way home again with the rain hitting the car sideways! Thank goodness we stopped when we did and didn’t get drenched in the next storm.

Just have to add, that everyone was awesome traipsing through the forest paths and veld with their white shoes 😉

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