Delta Park looks stunning throughout the year, and even though it hasn’t rained yet it was just perfect for the Close family shoot last weekend.

I met the Close family on Sunday afternoon for their family shoot. Delta Park was humming with people! I’ve actually never seen the parking lot so full, but turns out there was a music concert happening in the Environmental Centre.

Thankfully, we managed to use the stairs of the centre to start the shoot. I love those concrete stairs. One day I’ll have to pull back and show you the rest of the art-decor styled heritage building it’s in front of. The building is actually incredible, but the security gates ruin the facade IMO.

Even though the grass areas aren’t very green yet, the forest areas are back in full green mode. And because it’s just at the end of winter, the veld is still long… so that’s just perfect for me!

Then it was time for an adventure through the veld.

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