I met Hunter and Grayson for a family portrait shoot at home over the weekend. Their parents had received the shoot as a gift voucher a while ago, and I went to their new home for the session.

Aren’t the twins gorgeous?! I haven’t taken photos of boy-girl twins in forever!

The idea was to have a veld theme, and after throwing a few ideas around we decided to use the open spaces in the estate they live in.

Their house is right next to this gorgeous natural forest space which was ideal for the shoot. I absolutely loved the massive rocks scattered around the area and the tunnels made by the indigenous trees.

The kids loved playing with the car along the path and the pushing was all his idea! It really was just the perfect pose… but not a pose if you know what I mean.

They just couldn’t understand why Dad didn’t turn it on… which is why Grayson eventually resorted to pushing his sister! It was too funny.

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