It was Caryn and Mike’s matric dance last night, and I met them just before their pre-pre-drinks for matric dance portraits.

Yes, you read that right. It was in the early afternoon in the Fourways Gardens Estate at the clubhouse and they were having a small pre-cocktail get together before they went to their next cocktail party before the matric dance.

I took photos of Caryn last year when she was a date for one the boys at the Pecanwood matric dance. If you’re curious, check out those photos taken at Hartebeespoort dam here. I’m thrilled that her mom contacted me this year to take her dance photos.

Caryn’s dress was magnificent! I absolutely love the red.

The spot that met at was perfect in the early afternoon. We walked to a gorgeous spot under the trees for the portraits. The gorgeous autumn colours in a few of the trees really worked so well with the red in their outfits. You’d never know that there were actually a bunch of boys playing on jungle gyms behind them and I had to wait for the right moment so they didn’t get photobombed!

I started with Caryn’s photos, and then did the couple photos and Mike’s individual portraits when he arrived a little later. It was actually perfect to have him arrive after she did so no-one felt rushed with their portraits.

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