I met up with Nate and the dogs in the cosmos this last weekend for some family photos. Nate and his family drove all the way from the other side of Johannesburg with the 4 dogs in the car for this shoot!

It was so awesome seeing Sam and her family again, and I loved meeting all their pets!

The idea was to use the cosmos fields, and in hindsight with the dogs I probably should have met them closer to the actual flowers. The dogs were uber-excited after spending such a long time in the car, and I realised how far it really was to walk to where I’d planned to do the shoot.

3 year old Nate wasn’t all that keen on standing in the middle of the really tall flowers. It must’ve been pretty daunting to have to walk through the grass that was taller than his head to get to the spot I’d seen. But he was really brave and I got some awesome shots before dad and mom came to rescue him.

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