Gwen and Mark’s friend Wendy contacted me a few weeks ago to take photos of their wedding reception. Gwen and Mark’s casual wedding at the Troyville Hotel in downtown Joburg was such fun to take photos of!

I love taking photos of smaller more casual weddings, so this was right up my alley.

The Troyville Hotel is such a treat to go to. It’s not the prettiest place from the outside but OMW the food is incredible. They specialise in Portuguese food, and it really is worth the effort to drive there. It’s an institution in this city.

Wendy had told me that Gwen didn’t want a huge performance made about her wedding, and that they wanted photos of their friends having fun. Again, so perfectly me! There’s nothing better in my books than just watching people interact and catching special moments to accurately reflect relationships and to help recall magic memories.

It was such a special evening. Those chicken livers were life! But apart from that, I loved seeing their friends and family connect like they did and have loads of fun. Gwen told me that her friends just rallied to make their evening as special as it could be. One of their friends organised my photography. Another one organised the cake, and more friends did the flowers.

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