I met the Gledhill’s in Bryanston yesterday afternoon for family photos in the pine forest. 

It’s such a treat for me to get a chance to do family shoots during the week actually… the forest was beautifully empty! Usually there are a few shoots happening in the small forest at the same time and you have to find a spot that doesn’t have photo-bombers.

The family had received the shoot as a gift for a birthday, and thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for us to do the shoot. This was the second time we’d tried to do the shoot… the first time was booked during badly planned load shedding.

I really do love using this forest. 

Right at the very end of the shoot we walked to the top of the forest, and there was the most stunning carpet of purple flowers so that had to be used. I’ve never noticed the flower patch before, it was such a special addition to the shoot.

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