After work yesterday I went to Hurlingham to meet the Hopkins’ for family portraits at home.

This was the last family photoshoot I’ve got booked for the year, so now I have to just finish my editing! Unless someone books one this weekend 😉

I had a ball at this photoshoot! We started with relaxed portraits with the whole family in smart-ish outfits, and then everyone changed into more casual wear for some fun photos in the garden.

I love it when families include their dogs in their portrait sessions. Riley is a gorgeous golden retriever and loved all the attention he got. He also loved all the treats he got during the shoot too.

Finn is almost 5 years old and he was pretty shy in the beginning. But we became friends pretty quickly when he realised that this could be fun. I mean, how awesome to spend your afternoon taking photos with your mom’s camera, riding your bicycle, kicking a ball with dad and then swimming! And yes, we did all of that in one hour.

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