I met Marian with her troops of nieces and nephews at Delta Park yesterday. She’d phoned me in the morning asking whether I had space available… you see, I’m not always too busy for another booking!

It was a big photoshoot for cousins and I think they really enjoyed it… apart from the littlest who really wasn’t keen on this idea. Sarai just wanted her bottle, and eventually we just had to do what she wanted to do… but that’s what happens with a little one.

We started at my favourite steps, then headed for the graffiti walls. I haven’t used them in ages! The kids all decided they wanted to face the sun, so we used the big walls instead of the shorter more colourful ones.

Then we headed for the trees. We actually didn’t even get to the forest because we ended up in this gorgeous section of tall grasses. Oh man I had fun!

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