This was take 2 on our attempt at a family shoot for Sushma. I met them today at Emmarentia Rose Gardens for their family photoshoot.

Sushma booked this shoot months ago, and in July we met in Bryanston forest for the first take. The shoot was amazing… the only problem was the memory card in my camera. As I downloaded the photos that evening to edit them and back up… the card failed. It was a spectacular failure!

I managed to recover a few of the images, but what I recovered didn’t do the shoot justice so I offered the family a reshoot.

So, we decided to wait until summer and changed venue. So today was their family photoshoot at Emmarentia.

And if you’re wondering, we did this legitimately. Sushma went through the pain of contacting Cityparks and organising a permit.

I haven’t done a shoot in the rose gardens in years because of the rigmarole to book a shoot there. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the rose bushes actually, but was thankful that the water fountains were mostly working. I had also forgotten just how many wedding portrait shoots could be happening in the afternoon! OMW! There were 3 separate huge wedding parties doing portrait sessions in the hour we were there.

We did giggle though, because 2 of the wedding photographers wanted to include the family in their wedding settings. The sari that Sushma wore was the reason they all wanted her in the photos. It is pretty random IMO to include a stranger in your wedding portrait. So odd! Anyhoo, looks like they may be in someone’s wedding album even though they weren’t actually at the wedding.

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