Jax is 3 weeks old and starting to find his voice! I met his family for his first photoshoot at home in Sandton on Sunday morning.

Newborn shoots tend to be so much more relaxed when they’re done at home in your own environment. And natural lifestyle newborn styled shoots are the way I prefer to do things.

Jax’s sister Rachel had broken her leg a few weeks before. I was amazed at how she was manoeuvring around the house in her full leg cast! It really wasn’t holding her back at all. I just love how resilient kids are!

Hehe Rachel was saying shhh to keep her brother sleeping.

I reckon this is my favourite shot for the day.

Newborn family lifestyle shoots really make me smile. When they involve dogs and 2 years old, it can be a little hairy at times but you just have to go with the flow. You really are pretty dictated by the kids and animals… but that’s where the magic is. You can try direct it, but eventually you get what they want you to get. And you know what? I prefer that. It means that the whole shoot is more authentic and will be a true moment in time.

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