Sophie is 14 months old and had her very first photoshoot today! We met at Delta Park this afternoon for a shoot that was organised originally as a gift voucher.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She really didn’t want to sit around on the prickly grass and all she really wanted to do was walk. Sophie isn’t walking on her own yet… but I reckon she’s very close.

We found this tiny patch of green with pretty little wild flowers. It was perfect for her.

Possibly the cutest photo I’ve taken in a while. I just her scrunched up nose as she smelled the flower.

Leon tried very hard to get Sophie to stand without support. He told her to lift her hands, and she was only willing to lift one at a time.

Viola, she’s doing what we asked! LOL! Just wish she was happy enough to step away from the support though. She was so cute!

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