I met Lisa and her family at their home in Parkhurst for a homebased natural photoshoot to celebrate their daughter Solal.

Solal is 3 weeks old, and Lisa wanted natural photos showing the new relationship between Solal and her big sister, and interactions with the family. The family is French and Italian and she also wanted the photos to show a snapshot of their lives in Parkhurst.

After taking a few photos of Solal and her sister on the bed, we went to have breakfast. This is a big part of their Saturday routine, so it was so cool to incorporate it into the shoot.

Fresh coffee, traditionally baked croissants, pastries, fruit and boiled eggs were the order of the day.

After breakfast, Luce read a few books to Solal. I was so very impressed with this little girl (she’s 2). She spoke fluent English to me, and switched to French and Italian when speaking with her parents.

It was such an awesome morning. I really enjoyed this documentary style of photoshoot.

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