Kylie asked me for a photoshoot to remember the special times the family have had in their home. So a day in a life family photo session was what happened on Sunday afternoon. I just love documentary styled photo sessions, I really want to do more like this. It’s so awesome to capture real moments in life, considering how fleeting childhood is.

This was so much fun! I absolutely loved taking photos of the family doing what they normally do.

There was playing in the garden, making pizzas for lunch, a bit of painting and then a walk to the local trampoline park.

I had seen the boys the day before at my niece’s birthday party and Heath shied away from my camera. But on Sunday he was on top form! He loved me taking photos then. I think it was because he got to do his absolutely favourite things.

When I got to the house the boys were on their jungle gym.

Then we went to make pizzas for lunch. Nick makes the most amazing homemade bases, and Kylie makes an amazing tomato sauce filled with hidden veggies. Kylie made homemade delicious lemonade while the boys made their lunch.

One of the bits they love about their house is the vegetable garden, so the boys watered it before playing a bit of soccer and cricket.

After lunch, the boys went to their crafting area to paint a canvas for their new rooms.

Granny and papa arrived just in time for the boys to ride their bikes to the local secret trampoline park.

Then the boys went to throw sticks and stones into the river… something they love doing.

What an amazing afternoon documenting their everyday!

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