I met Lynne and her family for a winter family photo session at Delta Park on Sunday afternoon. It was freezing! There was actually rain forecast so I was pretty happy with the gloomy cloud cover because it meant that we could do the shoot. But OMW I cannot even explain how cold it was!

I had planned on starting the shoot in my favourite little spot that no-one else seems to use, however the whole veld section had been burned recently so it couldn’t be used. This is why I get to a shoot a little early even if I’m using a location that I use often. You just never know what it’s going to look like. Thankfully I know the park well, and the backup plan worked like a charm! By the time Lynne and her family met me, I knew roughly where I was going to get the best photos for the gloomy light and deep winter vibes.

I’m actually pretty happy that the area has been burnt though… because summer is going to be incredible in that spot!

The photo shoot was organised for Roy’s birthday. He said that he’s always the one behind the video camera so he really wanted photos of the four of them. I really wish more families would do shoots like this, it’s so awesome to have photos of the whole family!



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