I met Christian and his family at their home in Fourways for a natural baby photo session.

I think these are my favourite shots of the entire shoot. It took a lot of convincing for John to join us in the photos. It took me a while to understand that he wanted to actually take the photos, and not be in the photos. So, he sat next to me for a while and he got to take a few photos of his brother with his parents. Yes, I let him use my camera… with me close by of course. I do this often actually but normally as bribery… this was the first time a 2 year old had actually asked me outright! It worked like a charm, and he was so happy to sit for photos after that.

I just love the little bum in the air. Christian had been awake all morning, and as soon as he got warm in the heated room he fell so fast asleep.

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