Gabi is 6 years old and had a Paw Patrol birthday party yesterday at home with all her family and school friends. I love seeing Gabi every year for her birthdays, and cannot believe she’s six years old already!

Gabi’s mom organised the most amazing cake again.  The decor for the party was out of this world and everything was all about Paw Patrol. Darin the Magician’s set was also themed appropriately and was all about dogs.

I just loved the dog bowls that were used for the party dishes. 

The kids had an absolute ball on the massive jumping castle.

The game of pass-the-parcel was an absolute hit in the end. It was funny watching the kids. Some of them weren’t sure and were happy to watch from afar until they got FOMO. By the third round, all the kids had joined the circle.

Then there was a quick game of pin the badge on the the dog before Darin the Magician arrived.


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