I met Stacy and her extended family at Toadbury Hall yesterday afternoon. They wanted a big family photo shoot with a vintage jaguar that her dad had restored.

How stunning is this car?

Doug parked the car in front of a gorgeous autumn coloured tree, and it was perfectly placed for the sun coming through the branches.

The family had met earlier in the afternoon to have a lunch at the Wildwood Brasserie. The idea was that the photos were taken in that area of Toadbury Hall as it is where Stacy and Brendan had got married a few years before. We went from the restaurant area to the river area. What an amazing location! There was so much to choose from… open fields, a small forest, the river banks and a few rickety bridges.

Little Mackensie wasn’t sure about being on the slippery car in the beginning, but warmed right up after being asked to blow some kisses.


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