I met Nicola and her family yesterday at Delta Park. We met to do her maternity photoshoot with the cosmos flowers.

Thank goodness we booked it for this weekend because the flowers will be gone in a week. The field was definitely not as full of flowers as it was last week, but there was more than enough for a photoshoot.

Their dog Cooper joined us for the shoot, and I’m so glad he did. Isn’t he gorgeous? He had to have a few portraits too.

I really am going to miss the flowers in the veld, but after the last few weeks’ photoshoots in this part of the park I’m definitely coming to this side more often.

It’s always fun to shoot through the flowers. I love the effect you get.

Even the photos that happen every now and then when a flower moves in front of your focus spot are amazing 🙂

Cosmos flower season is also the start of dandelion season… and the kids love that!

There’s no better way to end a shoot in autumn than finding a few yellow autumn trees to use as a backdrop.