I met Nthabi and her family yesterday afternoon for a family photoshoot at Delta Park. After chatting to Nthabi about the types of photos she was looking for, we decided to meet close to my favourite lane of trees.

There are actually many entrances to Delta Park, so thankfully we could meet at a pedestrian gate close to the trees. If we’d met at the main parking area, it would have taken far too long to walk to this spot. The variety of different areas for shoots is one of the reasons why I like having photoshoots at the park.

I do love taking photos of extended families. It’s really hard to get a whole family together for one photo, so you really need to take advantage when everyone is around for a whole shoot.

The kids were of course, the star of the entire photoshoot!

Little Leano was the smallest and it was her first birthday on Friday. She really did make us all work really hard. She had just woken up from a nap and really didn’t understand why she needed to sit on the prickly grass in this strange place with everyone staring at her. We eventually got a few small smiles 😉

I reckon this one with the whole family walking along the path is my favourite from the afternoon photoshoot at Delta Park.

I do love the long veld at this time of the year and the cosmos flowers are starting to bloom. There are only a few of the flowers around, but it was enough to distract the girls.

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