Kate is 30 weeks pregnant with twins and I met her, and her family on Sunday at Delta Park for her maternity shoot. When I saw the photo of the Silver Swallow dress she was planning on wearing, I knew that the maternity shoot in a lane of trees was a great idea.

That floral dress was just perfect for the gorgeous lane of huge trees on the one side of the park. That lane was ideal to use, as it’s close to a gate so it’s not too far to walk. I also haven’t used it in a very long time, so it was great for me to get photos that are different to the last shoots I’ve done at Delta Park.

Kate and Donovan’s daughter, Kensey is 2 and half and looked so adorable in her pink little tutu! She was enamoured by the park for about 5 minutes. LOL! Thankfully the lane of trees is on a dog walking path, so we got her distracted pretty easily.

Of course pretty ballerina princesses have to twirl on the pathways 😉

She was so cute! I wanted her to stand or sit… instead she crouched just like I did.

How gorgeous does Kate look in this dress?

We managed to find one or two single cosmos flowers. They worked perfectly to distract Kensey, who was getting a little bored with all the photos by then.

I can’t wait to meet the twins in a few months time!