I do love seeing old clients again! I met Talalika and her parents for her first birthday cake smash and photo shoot at Modderfontein Reserve this weekend.

It was the first time I’d done a photo shoot at Modderfontein Reserve actually, and it’s such an incredible location. The idea was to use a picnic area close to Val Bonne Estate in the Reserve, but I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t get close enough to the water from the picnic area. Thankfully Daniel and Nozi know the reserve quite well and knew exactly where to go.

But first, I’d seen a road that I wanted to use. It was ideal! The road was on a dead end and quiet so Talalika could show off her walking with a gorgeous background.

She was so very cute. I just loved her little toddle, and loved hearing her start to talk too. She kept saying “go” and “going” and then right at the end of the shoot she said “coming”. LOL!

Little miss independent would not hold mom and dad’s hands, but that made for perfect shots actually!

How magic is this little setting with the long grass under the trees? I’m so pleased we managed to find a quiet spot in the reserve.

Then it was time to head for the Fish Eagle dam for some cake smashing fun.

Hehe this has to be the best reaction to a cake smash! When I asked to see her hands she showed me how dirty they were. She’s such a clever little cutie.

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