It was Skylar’s first birthday yesterday and I went to their home in Sandton for a cake smash photo session.

I met her when she was 3 months old and had taken photos of her then, so it was really cool to see her again. She LOVED the camera! It took her less than 5 minutes to get comfortable with me. Every time her mom put her anywhere she came running towards me to touch the camera. It really was very funny! I’m pretty relaxed with kids touching my camera so I was quite happy for her to do it every time.

We set the photoshoot time for 2pm which is really early for me. This is because we were going to be inside for the whole shoot and her nap time is normally about 4pm. The light inside their apartment at this time was incredible, and I’m so happy we’d set the time for then.

We started with a few portraits on the balcony and in the lounge.

Then the tutu went on and the cake came out.

OMW she loved it! She was squealing and bouncing while she ate her gorgeous cake. Her mom had made the chocolate cake with thousands of sprinkles… and it was clearly a huge hit.

She’s such a happy little girl. I can’t wait to take photos of her at her birthday party.

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