It’s Danielle and Jonathan’s wedding in a few weeks time and we met up this weekend for an engagement shoot in the city.

It was the perfect urban shoot in my opinion. I love it when my clients are happy to explore Johannesburg’s city streets. We got to take photos with the incredible zebra murals, the gorgeous old banking buildings and rows of taxis. It really was such a fun afternoon!

We started at the zebra murals. It’s the first time I’ve used them in photos, and I’m really hoping it won’t be the last. As you can see there’s a lot of construction happening on that block, and I really hope their gorgeous paintings are preserved.

Thankfully they wore sneakers for their photoshoot. We chatted to another photographer later in the shoot and he was headed to the zebras with 2 clients in really high heels… hope they didn’t trip!

The CBD lends itself to wide angles to get in the amazing buildings. I really have to work hard to get close-ups!

We used every single one of my favourite walls on this block in this photo session. I just love the lines on this 70’s style government building.

This taxi guy was great! When we first got there, there was a taxi blocking the entrance to the building. He assured us that it would move so we could use the building. And sure enough, within 5 minutes it had disappeared. He wouldn’t disappear though but I do like that he’s in the picture. The photos of Danielle and Jono at the entrance are quite funny though, with this guy watching them.



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