It was Joshua’s 2nd birthday party at home in Kempton Park on Sunday.

He is the cutest little 2 year old and I was so very impressed with how he remembered my name! He kept calling me to ask for more photos. Of course, that made me very pleased too! That really doesn’t happen very often!

He was picking flowers for mommy!

Joshua was so fascinated by the sawn off tree, he kept talking about the chain saws that were used to take it down. I love how little kids find every day things so fascinating… and everything is a learning experience.

The family is busy renovating their house, so the pile of red sand is obviously the best place in the world to play. The dog was so very funny and chased after the sand he was digging out and chucking.

The ice cream cake was a hit and so perfect for a summers day.

This post is a bit late because I’ve had a drama with my iMac but thank goodness I know of a genius in the area an he managed to get me up and running again! My reflexologist was telling me that it could be because mercury is in retrograde, but no matter what the reason I’m just thrilled I got the Mac back and I’m back at work again! I really felt lost with it.

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