I’ve known Sam for quite a few years and she’s one of my running buddies so I was so pleased to be able to take photos of her family. I met them at Delta Park for a family photoshoot at the park.

The park was beautiful yesterday! It was a really hot day so I was thankful that we started at 4pm when the light was a little softer. This time of the year is stunning at Delta Park, with the long grass and the green trees with smatterings of wild flowers everywhere.

Because I know Kade and Gemma quite well, it really didn’t take long for them to warm up to the photo adventure idea. Sam and Cliff prepped them well for this walking adventure around the park.

We started at my favourite steps to get everyone used to the way that I take photos, and after a few combinations we set off on our small hike. You have to wear comfy shoes when coming on a shoot with me because I do make you walk quite a bit. I don’t like using the same parts of the park every time I go, so that there’s variety in the photos. It’s also easier to get the kids attention if you vary the setting quite a lot. Maybe I should call the sessions family photo adventures instead of family lifestyle shoots?

I love this one of Gemma.

We were all really grateful when we got to the tall trees in the small forest for the beautiful shade.

The kids were so excited about climbing a tree. I don’t think Kade believed me when I told him it was a great idea that he’d had!

Gemma also loved sitting in the tree, and told Sam after the shoot that the fairies spoke to her in the tree.

She thought I was taking photos of her brother…

There’s nothing better than pulling funny faces at the end of a photo session and the kids are tired.

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