I met Cathy and her family at Delta Park on Sunday for a photo session. Delta Park is gorgeously green in places at the moment and perfect for family photos… if you’re prepared to walk a bit.

The star of the afternoon was definitely little Riley. Man she was so cute!

We started on the stairs, but it was clear that she needed a bit of a walk because she’s been dozing in the car.

So that’s what we did. I took the family to one of my favourite spots in the park… and one that I haven’t used in months. The wild little white flowers were just perfect for an 8 month old little girl 🙂

Just look at her cute little grin and the tuft of grass she has clutched in her hands.

Riley grinned and giggled as soon as she sat on a soft blanket and had her favourite rabbit. Just look at her happy face!

It was a really lovely afternoon in the park with the family!


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