Estiaan contacted me a few months ago to book a surprise maternity shoot in the CBD. Asher did tell me while we were walking around that he had to tell her in the end because she needed to get organised for it. But, hey, how cool is that?! I think that’s a first for me.

Asher is 38 weeks pregnant and looked absolutely incredible in her red dress. The colours they chose for their shoot were so perfect for the city backdrop.

We started the photo session in Maboneng. Now that the trees on the main streets have grown so much, the Maboneng sign has been obscured. But, I thought the ONE that was showing was perfect, considering it’s their first child.

Knowing how busy the streets in the area get on weekends, I knew the photoshoot had to be really early. I’m so glad Estiaan and Asher were such good sports about the time we met today! It was so worth it though, because the traffic started getting quite heavy just as we left the area.

We then drove across the city to Braamfontein so that we could use the Mandela bridge as our final location. It’s my absolute favourite place. I love the view from there. I normally get there in the late afternoon, so it was quite nice playing with “new” light.

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