My niece Emma was born a few weeks ago, and Elaine asked me to do a hospital newborn photoshoot. These kind of photoshoots are also called Fresh48 shoots, and OMW it was so very special to do.

These types of shoot are ideal if you don’t want birth photos, but want to get photos taken as soon as you can so that you don’t forget every detail. The Fresh 48 photoshoots are so named because you generally do them when your baby is 48 hours old and still in hospital.

Emma was just over 24 hours old when I did these photos, and they were due to go home the next day. She has changed so much in the last 3 weeks, and these photos are just so special to go back to.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Love her chubby little face with her hand next to her cheek.

These shots with Bryan’s hands on her chest are probably my favourite ones.

I’d definitely love to do more hospital newborn shoots like this. It really was amazing.

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