I met 10 month old Asher and his family at their home in Sandton yesterday for a family photoshoot. The occasion was Grandad Renney’s birthday!

The star of the afternoon was definitely Asher. It was such a natural photo session because we just followed what he wanted to do. Although the photos were taken for Renney’s birthday, the family wanted a lot of photos of Asher on his own and with each member of the family.

It’s all of a sudden got really very hot in Johannesburg but the grass is still very dry. Asher really wasn’t keen on the prickles on his legs, so during the shoot he changed the way he crawled! It was too funny to see him scooting around on avoiding the prickles on his knees.

Aren’t the chubby legs adorable?

Love the look on his face as he ate a sour strawberry 🙂

He thought this was a magic afternoon because he got a whole tub of water to play with!

You know what I’m like with pets! I had to get one shot in of the entire family including the dogs.

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