I met Helen and her family on Sunday afternoon at Delta Park for a big family photo session. Helen had booked a photoshoot for their extended family in an outdoor space.

We started the photoshoot at my favourite staircase, and then looked for the perfect spot for the rest of the family photos.

I was really glad when Laila offered to go first. Because once she had a few photos taken, little Sofia was more comfortable for me to take a few shots.

Sofia was accompanied by her favourite animals Jellycat and Horsey. They even had a little portrait shoot just for themselves to show Sofia that it was fun to have photos taken.

Mikaeel wasn’t interested in photos at all, but I was warned and had my long lens ready for most of their shoot to capture him unawares.

It was a really fun afternoon! I do enjoy booking big family photo sessions! It’s not easy to get a big family together for a shoot like this, but the memories are worth the effort every time.

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