Alewyn and Daniel have just had their first birthday party at home! They’re turning one this week, and the theme of their party was Mickey Mouse.

It was really very cold on Saturday morning, but thankfully the rain had started clearing by the time the party was meant to start. 

Daniel is almost walking, and I’m so glad I managed to get a few shots of him standing on his own.

His brother Alewyn was really smiley, and quite happy to sit on the blanket for me. Alewyn’s name has a cool story. It’s a family name, and he’s the 9th generation son to get the name. His father and grandfather are both Alewyn’s too!

after a few family photos, we got the two little boys going on their cake smash. Aren’t the cakes cool? Elanie had made two Mickey Mouse blue and red velvet cakes for the boys to play with.

How cool is this? The 5 cousins are just 9 months apart!

Just as the sun started peeking out from the clouds, we walked to the nearby park to take a few photos of the boys on the playground.


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