I met Natasha, her sons and their dogs at Delta Park a few weeks ago for a photoshoot. The shoot was a Fathers Day gift for dad, who is working in Dubai. I’ve been waiting to share it, but didn’t want to until he was able to see the photos.

I had a ball with the boys and their beagles. They were such troopers because I made them walk the breadth of the park to get the photos I wanted.

We started the shoot in my new favourite little spot. I just love these strange trees. They form the most amazing backdrop. You can’t even see the dog walkers on the pathway just behind this little area. It also really helps that there’s one section in the park with green leaves. Although I like the starkness in winter, a bit of green in a photo session is nice to see.

The beagles were really well behaved, considering it was their first time at this park. You can see they’re uber-alert but they were quite happy to stay with the boys.

The boys were really happy to comply when I told them to try push each other over.

I absolutely love the red grass at Delta Park at this time of the year!

Isn’t he gorgeous?!

I think this is one of my favourites from the photo session, I love the expression on the beagles face.

We tried really hard to get her portrait without a strap, but she just ran off every time we tried.

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