Gabi turned 5 last week, and I went along to her school to take photos of her Clamber Club party.

How gorgeous is her dragon cake? Every year, Gabi’s cakes are just incredible but I think this one is my absolute favourite. Gabi’s mom uses the same cake designer for all her parties, and I’ve been impressed with each one. Samantha Dye is the cake designer she uses.

Clamber Club was a hit with the kids. They had them running, jumping, catching and laughing for an hour, before it was time to sing and cut the cake.

The kids were so game to play tug-of-war… which the girls won!

Gabi’s baby brother Luca wasn’t too sure about this bouncy game.

But Gabi absolutely loved it!

Right at the very end, the kids all played with Jog the Frog on this massive rainbow cloth. They had to make Jog the Frog fly.

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