I met Samantha and her husband for their maternity photos at Delta Park. We were supposed to meet last weekend, but the weather was absolutely freezing so we postponed the shoot. This weekend was absolutely perfect! The sun was shining so beautifully, and it made the tall grasses really golden and whispery.

The park was a little more wintery than I was hoping, but we found the most amazing little spots. It’s actually so incredible how the park has changed from last year just because of the extra rain we’ve had. There’s so much more long grass than there was last year! I wasn’t complaining though, because it meant that the photos are not the same as the ones I took last year.

I couldn’t see these trees from where we parked, but I was so glad to see them in their yellow autumn colours when we walked to that section of the park. These trees are only this colour for about 3 weeks in the year… your timing has to be spot on to get the photos.

I was so glad when they said they liked the structures of the poplar trees without their leaves… it’s one of my favourite parts of the park.


When we walked out of the forest area through the long grasses, I noticed that there were a few random small cosmos flowers still around. There were enough around for a few sun flared photos 🙂


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